Thursday, December 1, 2016

Naughty, Colorful, New Young Dynamic Style Living Room

Thanks to a series of new, affordable collections, homeowners can bring a young, dynamic style into the living room.

If a new piece of furniture is to enrich your own home, there are often only two possibilities: a cheap product that can be found in many living rooms and bedrooms or, if it is something special, an inexpensive design piece. This is not the case with a new label, which makes individually designed furniture affordable. The range extends from beds, sofas and armchairs to garden furniture and accessories, which can also be produced exclusively. The following is an extract of new collections for young, dynamic living.

Along the lines of nature

With furnishings in earthy, soft colors complemented by natural materials, the home turns into an oasis of peace and contentment. The pieces are inspired by the aesthetics and the zeitgeist of Asian Zen philosophy. For example, the "Liu Liu" chair is modeled on Yin and Yang, multifunctional and space-saving at the same time. As seating furniture, it offers a lot of comfort with a velvety pad, and can also be used as a bench, table, shelf or bed by means of effortless conversion. 

Color comes into play

The collection "Junges Gl├╝ck" shows itself cheerful, cheeky and colorful. Radiant colors like sky blue and cherry red make for a vivid sense of living and bring good mood in gray days. The "Vlex" seat cushion, for example, provides a comfortable seating sensation thanks to an integrated metal frame, which offers three different seat positions and offers numerous design possibilities in many color variants. Whether reading, watching TV or sunbathing - the pillow is universally applicable thanks to its easy-care material. Due to its good bending properties, the seat cushion can also be stored effortlessly under the bed and is therefore particularly suitable for smaller rooms.

Home with timeless elegance

Warm colors such as beige and walnut brown create "Inside", which creates a pleasant atmosphere in the living room. Organic forms are combined with natural materials and ensure a great deal of well-being. As an eye-catcher, for example, the corresponding table is shown. The geometrically shaped piece of furniture reflects impressions of the Far Eastern and Italian way of life and presents itself from every perspective as a view. In addition to its fresh design, the "Torino" has uncomplicated usability and can be used as a storage or night table.

Individual purism

If you want to set individual accents and define the character of the living space through details, you are right with the "loft" collection that embodies unconventional living concepts. For example, the small table "Typhoon" comes into the living room. Without beginning or end, it shows curved shapes, strong colors and is suitable not only fashionable lofts and trendy lounge.

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